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United States Senator

Name: Mike Lee
Office: U.S. Senate
E-mail address: [email protected]
Age: 39
Occupation: Attorney
Residence: Alpine, Utah
Years at residence: Four
Qualifications: See Below
Mike is an across the board conservative. As a practicing attorney from Alpine, Utah, Mike has spent his career helping individuals and organizations get overreaching government regulations and control out of their lives and businesses. He is a lifetime student of the Constitution, and graduated from the Brigham Young University Law School.

Mike served as a law clerk to Judge Dee Benson of the U.S. District Court for the District of Utah and later spent time as General Counsel to Governor Jon Huntsman. Twice Mike served as a law clerk to current Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito. He first clerked for the solidly conservative Justice at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, then was asked to return as a clerk during Justice Alito’s important first year on the bench of the U.S. Supreme Court. Mike has also held positions in private practice, including time as a partner with the Washington, D.C.-based law firm of Howrey LLP. His understanding of the Constitution and law have made him a valuable resource for individuals and organizations throughout the country. Mike and his wife Sharon currently reside in Alpine with their three children.
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Name: Sam Granato
Office: U.S. Senate
District: Statewide
E-mail address: [email protected]
Age: 60
Occupation: Small businessman
Residence: Salt Lake City
Years at residence: 60
Sam Granato is concerned America is going in the wrong direction and – like a car that’s trying to get back on the road – keeps overcorrecting by making extreme lurches from left to right. It’s time for a steady, moderate hand at the wheel that will take Utahns safely down the road and into a brighter future. Sam has the experience and integrity needed to do just that.

Sam is a native Utahn, a successful small business owner, and a dedicated public servant.
Throughout his more than 20 years of public service, he has proven he can bring people together to find sensible solutions. Sam has been appointed by both Democrats and Republicans to help clean up government and solve important problems — and that is exactly the kind of leadership Utah needs during these tough times. It’s time for us to stop lurching between political extremes and come together to build a brighter future for Utah.
Washington, please visit his website at for more information.
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Name: Scott N. Bradley
Office: United States Senate
District: State-wide
E-mail address: [email protected]
Age: 58
Occupation: Business Owner/Author
Residence: North Logan, Utah
Years at residence: 19
A Utah native, business owner, author, and lecturer, Scott Bradley has worked tirelessly to serve his state, his community, and his country. From his earliest years he possessed an abiding love of America and her Constitution, which has led him to a lifelong close study of that document and the writings of the American Founding Fathers.
With that focus, he obtained a Bachelor of Science, a Masters in Public Administration, and a PhD in Constitutional Law. He is the Founder and Chairman of the Constitution Commemoration Foundation, an organization which seeks to foster increased understanding and application of the original intent of the Founders of our Constitution.

He is the author of the book and DVD/CD lecture series titled: “To Preserve the Nation,” a work intended to illuminate the principles of sound government and the cause of liberty. Scott’s life’s work, including the book and lecture series, is intended to help raise up statesmen of the caliber of the American founders and restore an understanding of the founding principles that made this nation the freest, most prosperous, most respected, and happiest nation on earth. This intent captures his candidacy. Scott’s past work experience includes management at AT&T, and university administration.
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U.S. Congressional District 2

Name: Dave Glissmeyer
Office: US Congressional Seat
District: 2nd
E-mail address: [email protected]
Age: 57
Occupation: CEO of a Utah small business who employs 20 US citizens
Residence: 250 Alta Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84103
Years at residence: More than you have fingers on your two hands
Qualifications: Common sense, balancing a budget (home and a small business), making a profit, inspiring and motivating people. No money taken from any special interests, only individual voters. i.e. the people the government was elected to serve.
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Name: Wayne L. Hill
Office: US Congress
District: 2 ND.
E-mail address: [email protected]
Website: Not up yet.
Age: 65
Occupation: Hearing Aid Specialist
Residence: 1450 N. Dixie Downs Rd. # 154 – St. George, Utah 84770
Years at residence: 5 Years
Qualifications: Unwavering love for America and its freedoms. Wayne held leadership positions in high school, college and the business world. Held 3 student senate seats in college, stopping SDS from being chartered on campus. Wayne was chosen to Chair the Black and White student conference. Wayne has paid his own way for everything except 2 year church service. Wayne has never taken unemployment or assistance. Wayne does feel Welfare is a blessing when needed and not abused. Wayne owned small businesses, and making them profitable, unlike attorneys and bureaucrats.

Wayne ran for congress 18 years ago and said get rid of the National Debt and return States Rights. The huge spending Republicans and their totally out of control buddies the Democrats are up to nearly 200 TRILLION in real and unfunded debt. If that doesn’t scare you into voting for only INDEPENDENTS then it is truly too late to save the Constitution, and America the land of new financial bondage not freedom. Voters can count on Wayne to not only stand up like the Tennessee Congressman and call the President a liar, but Wayne will not apologize three hours later because the Republican Party forced him to. Wayne will always tell you the truth, try and get that from the two parties.
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Name: Randall Hinton
Office: US House of Representatives
District: 2
E-mail address: [email protected]
Age: 32
Occupation: Graphic Designer/Web Developer
Residence: Veyo, UT
Years at residence: 2.5 Years
Qualifications: I am husband and father, citizen of the United States, and student of the Constitution. I have never run for public office before but have attempted to be a responsible citizen and be active in civic organizations. Being a small business owner, I understand the stresses and strains that governmental regulation and taxes can impose upon the people. I am running for office because I feel like many Americans, that if we follow the status quo we won’t leave a better future for our children then we had. I feel that “It’s time to Reclaim our Children’s Future!” It is immoral for us to prop up our economy today by mortgaging the lives and labor of our children and grandchildren. The cure for our economy and nation is the same, a reliance in the principles that empowered the individual, and made him responsible and industrious. Greater governmental intrusion, regulation, and roadblocks will only intensify and extend the depths of our economic problems. I appreciate your consideration for this office and would appreciate your vote in November. Thank You.
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Name: Jim Matheson
Office: US House of Representatives
District: UT-2nd
E-mail address: [email protected]
Age: 50
Occupation: Member of Congress
Residence: Salt Lake City
Years at residence: 15 years
Qualifications: Congressman Jim Matheson is a sixth-generation Utahn who was born and reared in Salt Lake City. Before his election to Congress in November 2000, Jim worked in the energy business for 13 years for several local companies and in his own firm. Matheson’s approach as a Congressman has been to put Utah first, ahead of politics or partisanship. The initiatives he has pursued, such as removing radioactive waste from the banks of the Colorado River, preventing the resumption of nuclear weapons testing, and providing full education benefits to returning Utah Guard and Reservists, came from listening to Utahns. Other priorities include banning the importation of radioactive waste from foreign countries for storage in Utah; promoting job growth and investment in retraining and education; holding the federal government accountable for use of taxpayer funds; and a clean, affordable and secure energy future. Matheson wants all Utah families to have safe, health and prosperous communities with the opportunity for all to gain a bright future.
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Morgan Philpot
Morgan is pleased to call Utah home. He and his wife Natalie, a native of Sandy, Utah, graduated from the University of Utah and lived in the heart of Salt Lake County for several years. While there, Morgan was able to represent his neighbors in Utah House district 45. He now lives in the Utah County portion of Congressional district 2.
After graduating from college, Morgan took a job as the new account sales manager for a Salt Lake fabrication company. Two years later, Morgan ran in a hotly contested race for State Representative of Utah House District 45 (Sandy, Salt Lake County, Midvale) with the motto "Freedom, Family, Future.” He put together a strong, effective grassroots campaign and in 2000, at the age of 28, he became one of the youngest state legislators in the Utah House.

In 2004, Morgan chose to leave the legislature and attend the Ave Maria School of Law, a school dedicated to life, the rule of law, and the U.S. Constitution. While there, he was privileged to learn from such influential minds as Judge Robert Bork and Charles Rice.

Upon completion of law school Morgan clerked for Utah's Attorney General Mark Shurtleff. Morgan served as the in-house legal counsel for a Utah business for two years and is now a consultant with a private company in Sandy.
In addition to his legislative service Morgan has also volunteered his time to Scouting, Church, and Utah politics. He has served as a State delegate, County delegate, State Central Committee member, Executive Committee member and most recently as the Vice-chair of the Utah Republican Party.

Morgan believes that his real life struggles and experiences uniquely qualify him to serve the families of Utah as the next Congressman from the Second District.
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Utah Governor and Lieutenant Governor

W. Andrew MCullough/Aric M. Cramer
I am the candidate of the Utah Libertarian Party for Governor.  The party stands for smaller government, lower taxes and more freedom.  Monday's Salt Lake Tribune says that almost half of Utah's voters support the aims of the "tea party" movement.  that movement was started by Libertarians as a protest of big government and high taxes.  Unfortunately, it has also become an engine of intolerance and those who would insert their own religious views into government.  The original idea was a good one, and our party still adheres to it.  If you want less government and lower taxes, please consider voting Libertarian.
I am an attorney in Salt Lake City.  My running mate, Aric Cramer, practices law in St. George.  We are qualified for the positions we seek.  Together we will work for the goals of our party.  We believe we represent a real choice between change and the same one-party  government we have had tor too long.  Help us build our party into an important voice in the ongoing debate.  Vote McCullough and Cramer on November 2.
(Submitted by Andrew McCullough)

Gary Herbert/Greg Bell
Gary Richard Herbert is Utah's 17th Governor and Chairman of the Economic Development & Commerce committee for the National Governor's Association.  

Prior to becoming governor, he served as Lieutenant Governor with Governor Jon M. Huntsman, Jr. from 2005 to 2009.  Governor Herbert's public service also includes serving as a Utah County Commissioner, President of the Utah Association of Counties and President of the Utah Association of Realtors.
Governor Herbert was born in American Fork and raised in Orem, Utah.  After graduating from Orem High School, he served a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Eastern Atlantic States Mission.

While attending Brigham Young University, Mr. Herbert met and married Jeanette Snelson, from Springville.   Shortly after their marriage, Mr. Herbert joined the Utah National Guard and served for six years as a staff sergeant working with target acquisition, artillery, and ground survey.

After his military service, Governor Herbert began a career in real estate, founding Herbert & Associates, based in Orem.  In addition to his career in real estate, he and his wife owned and operated a child care service, The Kids Connection, for more than 20 years.

A pioneer of ethics reform in the state, Lieutenant Governor Greg Bell is a principled and effective advocate for conservative values with a distinguished history of public service. Respected by those across the political spectrum, Lt. Governor Bell's ability to build consensus around difficult issues while maintaining solid relationships with all involved is a hallmark of his style.

Prior to his confirmation as Lieutenant Governor of Utah, Greg Bell was the Assistant Majority Whip in the Utah State Senate, representing the 22nd District in Davis County. Lt. Governor Bell is a past mayor and city councilman of Farmington, Utah and has been the Chair of Envision Utah, an internationally acclaimed collaborative land use and transportation planning organization.

Born and raised in Ogden, Utah, Lt. Governor Bell is a graduate of Ogden High School, Weber State University and received a Juris Doctorate degree from the S.J. Quinney College of Law at the University of Utah.
Lt. Governor Bell and his wife JoLynn currently reside in Fruit Heights, Utah. They are the parents of six children and 17 grandchildren.
(Courtesy of Gary Herbert)
Farley Anderson/Steve Maxfield

I’m Farley Anderson, and I’m already fighting hard for your rights. Our campaign began with a Supreme Court victory saying our current Lt. Governor “overstepped his authority.” Utah Citizens may now use electronic signatures to petition government!

I believe that your Governor should answer to the people who put him in office. Not big businesses, special interests, or either of those big political parties.

That’s why I’ve chosen to run as an unaffiliated candidate – YOU, the People of Utah, YOU are my only party and concern. I won’t take one red cent from anyone. I’m asking you NOT to donate to my campaign – please donate to a needy person or a worthy charity.

My priorities as Utah’s Governor:
Laws will be enforced equally for everyone including elected officials;
Size and cost of government will be reduced;
Utah will cease being a "sanctuary state" for illegal immigration;
Individual and state sovereignty will be protected.
I believe government is too big, too powerful and too intrusive. As Governor, my job is to make sure all laws are enforced equally for everyone – and that includes elected officials. Nobody should be above the law. Nobody.
We have so much waste in our state government. It’s time we cut down on the size and cost of government and remember why we even have government – to serve and protect the rights of the PEOPLE, not those in office.
 It’s time to stand up to the Federal Government and say “No—not in OUR state you don’t!” We, as Utahans should be in charge of our own healthcare, education, and lands.

I’m an entrepreneur, inventor, author, publisher, teacher, lecturer, husband and father of 11.  I know how to do MORE with less.

Utah, together we CAN do better! Your vote can stop this madness. Give party politics a needed time out. 
Vote for Farley Anderson, unaffiliated candidate.

No Party. No Corruption. No Bull.

Steve Maxfield for Lt. Gov.
Hi, I’m Steve Maxfield and I am Utah’s best choice for Lt. Governor in November.
Utah is known for its good people, folks like you and me, but I’m sick and tired of the political games going on behind closed doors.

In recent Supreme Court CasesI’ve found myself on the opposite side of our current Governor and Lt. Governor and so I’ve gone to war against politicians who are trying to strip citizens of fundamental rights.

Sevier Power v Hansen:“Initiatives”
Ruling: The Legislature cannot take away fundamental rights protected by the Constitution.

Anderson v Bell:“Ballot Access”
Ruling: Bell exceeded his authority in not accepting E-Signatures for Ballot access.
It’s high time we draw the line in the sand. You and I both know that we have a big problem in Utah. We are overrun by party politicians who say one thing in their campaign and then do what they darn well please in office.
We gotta clean up this mess. It will be easy if we work together to get ‘er done. Join us at the ballot box and let’s start mucking out corruption in Utah. 

With a 20-year track record of defending fundamental rights of Utah citizens, Steve has done more to protect first amendment rights than anyone I know.” Farley Anderson
(Submitted by Farley M. Anderson)

Name: Peter Corroon
Office: Governor of Utah
District: Utah
E-mail address: [email protected]
Age: 46
Occupation: Salt Lake County Mayor
Residence: 76 H St Salt Lake City, Utah 84103
Years at residence: 10 years
Peter Corroon was elected Salt Lake County Mayor in November 2004, which is Utah’s second
largest government. He was re-elected in 2008, with 66-percent of the vote.

Mayor Corroon has made quality government a priority throughout his tenure by initiating
responsible fiscal policies. Under Mayor Corroon, Salt Lake County’s government has been
open, honest and ethical, with an emphasis in economic development policies that create better,
higher paying jobs.

Mayor Corroon is a fiscal conservative. In 2009, he bucked his own party and vetoed a taxincrease,
thereby cutting the county budget by nearly 20%. He also prioritized economic
development, particularly building opportunities for small/medium size, Utah businesses.
Mayor Corroon recognizes one of Utah’s greatest assets is the natural environment. He believes
being a good steward of our air and water quality is critical for Utah’s long-term success.
Mayor Corroon serves as a board member for the National Association of Counties, United Way,
EDCU, Utah Technology Council and Utah State Board of Tourism.

He has a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, a master’s degree in Real Estate Development
and Finance and a Law degree. Mayor Corroon lives in Salt Lake City with his wife Amy, and
their three children.
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State Representative

Jerry Howard

Twelve years ago I moved from Kansas to St. George to live in one of the most beautiful areas in the country. I have been a chiropractor for 24 years. Since moving here, I am often surprised at some of the things that take place as I follow local politics. We have consistently had the lowest spending per pupil in the nation and it was once suggested we eliminate senior year!

We have over 300 days of sunshine and yet remain obsessed with somehow trying to get more coal and oil out of federal lands. We do have coal and oil and natural gas here in Utah, but if we want to get off of foreign oil, we need to look at viable alternative energy sources as well.

Coal plants use an obscene amount of water compared to the solar plants like the ones going in near Mesquite or Parowan. They also create a lot of air pollution, as there really is no such thing as "clean coal." We must improve the educational opportunities for students at all levels, and focus on core subjects with plenty of science, math and technology/computer courses to have them prepared for the future jobs in tech and renewable energy fields.  

Efforts need to continue in bringing more businesses that will have higher paying skilled positions and we need to have the students available with the education and skills for those jobs. Most importantly, with the economy as it is, rather than "business as usual," there has got to be a bipartisan effort made to come up with solutions now, to help the people of this state have the best opportunities for a better life in the years ahead. I'm Dr. Jerry Howard and I hope you will vote for me as State Representative in District 75.
(Submitted by Jerry Howard)

County Level Races
County Treasurer                                   David A. Whitehead, R
County Sheriff                                         Kevin E. Brooks, D
County Sheriff                                         Cory Pulsipher, R
County Recorder                                   Russell Shirts, R
County Commission Seat B               Denny Drake, R
County Commission Seat A               James Eardley, R
County Clerk/Auditor                             Kim M. Hafen, R
County Attorney                                     Brock R. Belnap, R
County Assessor                                  Arthur L. Partridge, R
Local School Board 4                          Travis R. Christiansen
Local School Board 4                          Calvin “Cal” Durfey
Local School Board 6                          Kelly W. Blake
Local School Board 6                          Dale J. Ure
Local School Board 5                          Larry O. LeBaron
Local School Board 5                          Wesley J. Christiansen
Local School Board 7                          Laura J. Hesson
Local School Board 7                          Robert E. Allen

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