Crime Prevention: Burglars who like cars

There are burglars who like homes and others who like businesses.  Some burglars prefer cars that have been left unattended and offer the allure of the unknown; the chance that something of value may be inside.  It can be difficult to predict exactly what will attract a burglar to a vehicle, but generally, there are some commonalities in what draws their attention.

  • The perfect places for burglaries tend to be areas that are poorly lit and give the burglar the cover of darkness so that they can perform their crime without being seen.  Parking in well-lit, highly visible areas can be a real turn-off.
  • Burglars like at least a chance when they break into a vehicle.  When looking in through the window if there is absolutely nothing worth taking, why break in?  No stereo, no GPS unit, no bags, no suitcases, no laptop.  A boring car doesn’t make a viable target for theft.  Keeping those items out of the car or locked in the trunk will take away a significant enticement.
  • Likewise, burglars prefer the easy take.  A car alarm that will sound the minute a window breaks is a sure deterrent, as burglars don’t want to be seen or noticed and prefer to have as much time as they want to commit their theft. An auto alarm forces them to either stop their attack on the car or quickly finish what they are doing.
  • A car that is unlocked is the ultimate open invitation for a burglar.  There’s no additional work or effort needed to get inside and their chances of being caught are reduced because to the average person passing by, it appears nothing is wrong and the burglar is probably the owner of the vehicle.

Make your car a less desirable target by eliminating all the attractions for a would-be thief!

This article is provided by Crime Prevention Outreach via St. George Police Department, Capt. James Van Fleet.

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